In this page there are described the website modalities according to the treatment of the costumers personal information, who consult it. It’s an informative according the art. 13 of D.Lgs. n. 196/2003 (95/46/CE) referring to the protection of the personal information. The informative is referred only to “Zilli & Bellini S.r.l.” and not for other website, eventually consulted by customer through links.

The treatment holder
The consultation of this website generates the treatment of people information, who can be identified or identifiable. The “holder” of their treatment is “Zilli & Bellini S.r.l.” and the registered office is located in Via Benedetta, 85/A (PR – Italy).

Place of the data treatment
The treatments connected to this website service have place in this registered office and are managed by technical staff of the office which is in charge of the treatment, or by occasional people in charge of occasional maintenance operations. The personal data given by customers who ask the informative material through the compilation of the form, are used only to execute the request service and are communicated to other people only if this process has been necessary.

Kind of data treated
The informatic systems and the software processing aimed to the functioning of this website, take, during the normal process, some personal information whose transmission is implicit in the use of the protocols of Internet communication. These are information that is not collected to be associated to the interested subjects, but because of the same nature, could, through elaborations and associations with data obtained from other people, allow to identify the customers. In this category of data there are the IP addresses or the url names of the computers used by customers who enter the website, the addresses URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the request resources, the timetable of the request, the method used in subjecting the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained as the answer, the numerical code indicating the state of the answer given from the server (good connection, error, etc.) and other relative parameters to the operating system and to the customer informatics context. This data are used only to obtain anonymous statistics information about the website use and to control the correct operation and they are immediately cancelled after the elaboration. The data could be used for the verification of responsibility in case of hypothetical informatics crimes to the detriment of the website: except this case, the data about the web contacts are cancelled after 7 days.

Data voluntarily given by the customer
the optional explicit send through mail server to the addresses indicated in this website involves the successive acquisition of the sender address, necessary to answer to the demands and to other personal data contained in the missive.

Optional data send
Apart from what specified about the navigation data, the customer is free to give its written personal information in the application forms “to Zilli & Bellini S.r.l.” or however indicated in contacts with the Office in order to speed up the informative material or other communications. Their missed send can involve the impossibility to obtain what demanded.


Use of the cookies

In order to render our services more efficient and easier to operate this website uses the cookies. Therefore, when you visit this site, an imperceptible information file is sent to the User’s device, like small pieces of text called “cookies”, that are copied in the directory of the User’s Web browser. There are different types of cookies, although, in effect the main purpose of a cookie is to run the website in a more efficient way and make available the certain functionality.

The cookies facilitate the User’s visit of the website, and in particular:

–       They permit to move more easily around one page to another of the website.
–       Remember the User’s name and preferred settings.
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–       Value the utilities’ use by the Visitors, to optimize the navigation experience and the services.
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There are different types of cookies. Some of them, that might be used in this site, are identified below followed by the purpose description.

Technical cookies

The cookies of this type are essential for correct run of some site’s areas. This category includes permanent cookies and sessional cookies as well. Without these cookies the site or some of its part might not run in a proper way. Therefore, they are always used, independent of the User’s preferences. The cookies of this category are sent every time from our server.

Analitical cookies

These cookies are used to collect the information on the website use. The Administrator engage this information for statistical analysis, to improve the site and facilitate its use, in addition to its correct running monitoring. This type of cookies collects in anonymous way the information on the Users’ activity during the site view and on the way they arrive to the site and the visited pages. The cookies of this category are sent from the site itself or from the servers of the third parts.

Cookies for the third parts revealing

The target of these cookies are to collect the information on the website using by the Visitors, key words used to get to the right site, the visited  websites and the origins of the Visitors’ traffic for marketing campaigns. The Administrator may use this kind of information for making a report and for the sites improvement. The cookies collect the information in anonymous way. The cookies of this category are sent from the site itself or from the servers of the third parts.

Cookies for enabling  the third parts functionality  

The cookies of this type are used for integrating the functionality of the third parts in the site (for example, the comments’ frame or tags of social networks that permit to the visitors to share the content of the site). The cookies of this category could be sent from the servers of partner sites or anyway, from the sites that offer the similar functionality available in the site.

The Administrator is not required for the User’s consent for the technical cookies, since they are extremely essential for the service ensuring.
Concerning the other cookies categories, in conformity with the current legislation, the User’s consent could be expressed by means of the specific configurations of the browser and the utilities or with the help of devices easy-to-operate for the User. The Administrator remind to the User that it’s possible to edit the preferences about the cookies any time. Besides it’s possible to disable at any time the cookies from the browser, but this operation  might compromise the use of some parts of the site.

Websites of the third parts

The site provides the links of the other websites with their own privacy statement. These privacy statements might differ from the one applied by the Administrator, and consequently the Administrator is not responsible for the sites of the third parts.

Pursuant to article 122 the second clause of the D.lgs. 196/2003, the consent to the use of this kind of cookies is expressed by the interested party by means of individual filters that are freely chosen for the browser used for the site view, provided the User’s faculty to communicate at any time to the Administrator of the data treatment his own decision regarding the treated data by means of cookies accepted by the browser.

To modify the settings of a browser to disable the cookies

Please be informed that usually it’s use the following process:

–       select “Internet Options” or “Favorites” from the menu “Tools” or “View” or “Edit”;
–       select the item “Privacy” or “Security” or “Files download” and click the preferences.

Anyway, it’s recommended to the User to follow the instructions and guidelines of your browser.

For more information please consult the manual or the Help file as well.

Treatments Modalities
The subjects to whom the personal information refers have the right to obtain wherever they want, the confirm of the existence of those information ant to know the content and the origin, to verify if the info are correct, to ask to modify or to update or to cancel them (art.7 of the D.Lgs. n. 196/2003).
According to the same article you have the right to ask the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous shape or the block of the data treated according a wrong way, and to oppose in every case, for legitimate reasons, their treatment. The demands have to be addressed to “Zilli & Bellini S.r.l.”, holder of the data treatment.