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Zilli & Bellini designs and manufactures a wide range of machines, mainly for the food industry. Zilli & Bellini was founded in 1961 and is a Company with a very important background in the food industry.

Today, more than 1200 Zilli & Bellini machines are working around the world.  The Company  designs, lays-out and installs complete lines  to fill and close food products  into rigid containers (glass jars and bottles, aluminium cans and metal cans, plastic jars and bottles). The container volumes range from 30 to 5000 ml for a production capacity up to 1200 cans per minute, or even more.

The Zilli & Bellini manufacturing range includes: conveyors,  fillers for salt (dried or liquid), fillers for spices (dried), rotary hand-pack fillers,  automatic rotary telescopic fillers, automatic rotary telescopic fillers for plastic cups, automatic rotary telescopic fillers for meat in pieces, automatic rotary telescopic fillers for green beans (French style), automatic rotary semi-telescopic fillers, rotary powder fillers, automatic multi-fillers, shower fillers, rotary gravity fillers, rotary gravity fillers with vacuum system,  rotary gravity fillers and capper monoblock, cleaning turret –  gravity filler – capper monoblock, linear vacuum fillers for plastic cups, rotary vacuum fillers with internal and external valves, rotary piston fillers with internal pistons, rotary piston fillers with external pistons,  piston-plunger fillers, piston fillers for two products, rotary piston filler and capper monoblocks, cleaning turret –  piston filler – capper monoblock, rotary tampers, seamers, fillers / seamers groups, fillers / seamers groups for double can size, monoblock for ultraclean filing.

In 1983, the Company expanded overseas and today has a leading position in the world. In the last decade, the Company’s development increased with the extension of the models produced and with the concentration abroad of 80% of sales. Zilli & Bellini offers Customers their qualified engineering know-how, the highest technology and the greatest productive flexibility.